I am a UK based freelance Director programmer & Lingo expert with over 12 years commercial experience. I use the latest version of Adobe Director to produce:

  • Shockwave Games
  • Interactive Portfolios
  • Touch-screen Kiosks
  • Sales Presentations
  • Custom Software

    I have worked on several award winning projects and have experience in many of the '3rd party' Xtras available for Director.

    In order for you to keep within a set budget I can offer a free, no obligation quote for your project which can include any, or all of the following project stages:

  • Graphic interface design
  • Cross-platform CD-ROM production using your graphics
  • Custom Lingo behaviours for specific functions within your project
  • Debug your Director project
  • Product beta testing on multiple platforms
  • Graphic design and printing of supporting literature
  • Disc burning, production and distribution of the final product

  • Each item will be priced separately allowing you to prioritise the most important aspects of your project.